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Founded in 1933 by Henri Valkaert and Maria Verbert, the business is now run by the 3rd generation of family members who continue to uphold the gastronomical tradition and pampering guests.

Originally founded as a cafe with garden and later a playground. After a few years not only the menu expanded, but also the business with the addition of rooms to rent. Later on both sons, Jozef and Guido added catering to the business. Because of the rising number of customers the playground was replaced by a party hall and about 10 hotel rooms.

The Catholic shrine (Grotto) to Our Lady of Lourdes next to the similarly named church (now a basilica), across the street drew many pilgrims to Edegem. Although the Hovestraat (street) was filled with cafes to receive the many tourist, only De Basiliek remains.

Near the end of the seventies, the next generation of the Valkaert family took over the business. Marc, Eric, Walter and Robert Valkaert are still the current owners of the business and still try to uphold the tradition of caring for their customers.

In 1980 the business expanded again in the Trooststraat. Originally this location held the warehouses and kitchens for out-of-house catering, but in 1983 construction finished on a new hotel with 20 rooms, 3 party halls and a grand reception hall.

De Basiliek is located near the main entry ways to Antwerpen (the E19 and A12 highways). 

Our 2 locations offer you culinary pleasure in the form of full-sized banquets, receptions, work meetings or a stay in our hotel. 
We are at your service in making sure you have a pleasureable stay or event.

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